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China's search industry to face "sharp slowdown"

According to Analysys International, an Internet based provider of business information, China’s search engine industry will experience a sharp slowdown in revenue growth over the next 18 months. Search engine users are dissatisfied with search results and advertisers aren’t seeing … Read More

China aims to can spam with new measures

With 60% of the emails in China considered spam, China’s Ministry of Information enacted their first anti-spam measures to take effect on March 30th. Unfortunately these measures are purely administrative and only apply to anyone operating an email service. China … Read More

Most conversions occur offline

Media post has a good article about this. It’s interesting to note that this is so significant in the US, as it is generally the case in developing Internet markets that even more activity happens offline. Even if you don’t … Read More

New Yellow Pages in Iceland

The Portal Visir.is, owned by Iceland largest media company, just added to their services “Yellow Pages” called ALLT. This is a addition to their other services in other more “traditional” media. There is currently no none Icelandic search. The company … Read More

"Avisos" or "Anuncios"?

Thanks, Andy for inviting me to contribute to the Search Technology area. Well, since this is my first post, this one is a bit informal. I’ll try to use a reporting style in my next one. —————————— El Nuevo Día … Read More

Kinderstart publicity stunt?

As my “Hello World” post at this blog, I’ll start with the disclaimer that I’m a firm believer that in most things, the Internet overall not being the least, the US leads the way. Now I don’t mean only in … Read More

Yahoo! Japan's keyword input assist

On March 15, Yahoo! Japan opened the beta version of Keyword input assist. When a search user types the first several character of the search word, it will display a list of related keywords. This function is available to the … Read More

ICANN: Preparing to internationalize domains

In August, we discussed Chile’s move to internationalize the .cl domain, by allowing for non-english letters, such as “ñ”, “ü” and 7 other international characters. It was certainly an exciting step. But for global internet users and companies as a … Read More

Japan blog association

Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has established Japan Blog Association on February 28, 2006. Its purpose is to perform research, study, support, etc. about Blog, and to provide the information and environment for Blog users to enjoy blogging … Read More