Faux Amis in website content

The Impact of English Faux Amis On Website Content

Translating your website is one of the most popular strategies used to expand a business to international markets and increases sales globally. French businesses have a big opportunity in just the wide-reaching Francophone world; however offering products and services in … Read More

Obstacles to Ad Copy Translation

3 Obstacles To Ad Copy Translation

Following my last post concerning the limits of translation as applied to ad campaign keywords, I would now like to go on and examine how problematic translation can be when it comes to ad copy, again with English-to-French translation as … Read More

France Opens .Fr Domains To Whole Of Europe

On the 6th December .fr (France) and .re (Reunion) domain names will be available for registration to all European Union citizens. Afnic, the non-profit entity managing the French top level domain names attribution, has until now only allowed companies and … Read More