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Elin Box

Elin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain. She is responsible for Webcertain's Self-learning platform, producing in-depth guides on a range of international digital marketing topics. She is also part of the Webcertain TV team, where she writes scripts for short educational videos and helps with the day-to-day management of the YouTube channel. She also supports the Director of Marketing with a wide range of other marketing tasks, as and when required. Elin is from the UK.

Surprising Leaders In French Social Media Revealed

Global Marketing News –11th March 2016 Surprising leaders in French social media revealed Research by Génération Numérique has revealed the most popular social networks amongst children aged 11 to 18 in France. Facebook is the most popular social network, cited … Read More


Lucrative Opportunity For Canadian Businesses Revealed

Global Marketing News – 9th March 2016 Lucrative opportunity for Canadian businesses revealed Americans are increasingly buying items from Canadian ecommerce sites, indicating a lucrative opportunity for Canadian businesses. PayPal reported a 20% increase in spending by Americans on Canadian … Read More


Europe’s Digital Winners And Losers Revealed

Global Marketing News – 4th March 2016 Europe’s digital winners and losers revealed The European Commission has released its Digital Economy and Society Index for 2016. The Index measures the digital performance of each European country and focuses on five … Read More


Paytm To Launch Luxury Ecommerce Platform Anasa

Global Marketing News – 25th February 2016 Paytm to launch luxury ecommerce platform Anasa The Indian mobile payments and ecommerce company Paytm is allegedly planning to launch a luxury ecommerce platform, according to an anonymous source close to the deal. Paytm … Read More


Amazon Steps Up Global Retail Domination

Global Marketing News – 12th February 2016 Amazon steps up global retail domination The international ecommerce giant Amazon is rumoured to be planning to launch a global distribution network called Dragon Boat. The scheme would help facilitate cross-border ecommerce on … Read More


Luxury retailer to capitalise on European e-commerce growth

Global marketing news – 9 February 2016 Luxury retailer Michael Kors to capitalise on European e-commerce growth The luxury fashion retailer Michael Kors has announced that it is going to expand its online presence internationally. It currently operates e-commerce websites … Read More


Mobile Trumps Desktop In UK Online Retail

Global Marketing News – 1st February 2016 Mobile trumps desktop in UK online retail Research by SimilarWeb has revealed that a staggering 65% of UK online retail traffic came from mobile phones last year. The sites with the biggest proportions … Read More


780 Million Bad Adverts Removed By Google In 2015

Global Marketing News – 27th January 2016 780 million bad adverts removed by Google in 2015 Google has revealed that it removed 780 million “bad” adverts globally last year. Adverts were removed if they promoted counterfeit products, used deceptive tactics … Read More


Start-Ups Get A Rocket Fuelled Boost With New Fund

Global Marketing News – 22nd January 2016 Start-ups get a rocket fuelled boost with new fund Rocket Internet has launched a new fund worth 420 million US dollars. Rocket Internet is famous for helping to launch internet-related companies in new … Read More


Has Baidu Been Cheating Users For Profit?

Global Marketing News – 19th January 2016 Has Baidu been cheating users for profit? The Chinese internet giant Baidu is coming under intense criticism from furious users following the revelation that the company has been profiting from giving incorrect or … Read More


Netflix Already In Trouble After Global Expansion

Global Marketing News – 14th January 2016 Netflix already in trouble after global expansion Just one week after Netflix embarked on a massive international expansion plan, launching in 130 new countries, it has hit a stumbling block in one country. … Read More