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Google corrects map listing to Taiwan

Goolge map services had previously listed Taiwan as a province of China creating an uproar in Taiwan and protests from legislators and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). Google has has now changed that listing to read “Taiwan”. Google explained … Read More

The battle for wireless internet in Bulgaria

A little battle took place today on an auction for the Bulgarian national A-class Wireless Network licence. All top players in the Bulgarian communications industry were there bidding for 2 licences which allow the building of national-wide wireless network in … Read More

Internet penetration in Belarus

Some countries rarely make it into the limelight. So just to be fair and give them the attention they deserve, here is a quick glance at Belarus. According to Sergei Rudnev of the Ministry of Communications Informatization Department in Belarus, … Read More

Japan internet usage report (Sept 19-25)

Video Research Interactive Inc. (www.videoi.co.jp) has put out the results of Internet Usage report for the week of Sept. 19-25. > 1. Search/Portal Sites – 19.3mil 2. ISPs – 14.7mil 3. Community Sites – 12.9mil 4. IT Information Sites – … Read More

New Yahoo search Japan

Yahoo Japan (www.yahoo.co.jp) has officially kicked off its Yahoo Search Japan (search.yahoo.co.jp) on October 3rd. With new Yahoo Search, the results from the robot search by “Yahoo! Search Technology” (previously known as “page results”) will be displayed first instead of … Read More

Russian internet has 180,000 web sites

RIA Novosti reports that there are now 180,000 web-sites on Runet, the Russian Internet domain. These figures were announced this Friday by Mikhail Seslavinsky, the head of the Russian Federal Agency for Print and Mass Media. He said that the … Read More

Online spending budgets rise 18% in Italy

A recent study by the e-Media Institue of Milano has identified a strong 18% growth in online marketing expenditure in 2005 when compared to the previous year. The study called NON SOLO BANNER was carried out between July and September … Read More