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Gmail now in Thai aids market penetration

Google is now offering Gmail in 9 additional languages including the Thai language character set. Users have always been able to read and write emails in Thai but now the whole Gmail interface can be viewed in the language. Anyone … Read More

Live Indian films over the Internet

According to a research report published in August 2001 by Gartner’s Dataquest, the country which can expect the highest growth rates in the Asia-Pacific region was India. From 2001 to 2005, Dataquest expected India to enjoy average subscriber growth of … Read More

Search is hot for US Hispanics

Recently I came across a statistic that I have been long waiting to see, it was published thanks to a recently released Advertising Age report named “HISPANIC FACT PACK: Annual Guide to Hispanic Advertising & Marketing 2005 Edition”. See following … Read More

MSN Search not bothered about Germany?

I manage to get back to my homeland (England) occasionally on business and now and then get across the pond to the USA for conferences etc. Each time I go there, I normally catch on the Hotel television an advertisement … Read More

58% are online in Germany

According to a recent study by ARD/ZDF Online, there are now 57.9% of Germans aged from 14 that are online (37.5 Million people). More pensioners and those unemployed have come online as broadband costs sink. The prognosis is for the … Read More

Google Sitemaps now multilingual

The Inside Google Sitemaps blog has just announced that Google Sitemaps’ user interface and documentation are now available in ten additional languages. The newly added languages are: Brazilian Portuguese Dutch French German Italian Korean Russian Simplified Chinese Spanish Traditional Chinese … Read More

Bridging the mobile gap in Thailand

An article in today’s Bangkok Post referenced a decision by M-Web to expand its online advertising/marketing business to include mobile phones. M-Web is a major player in the internet economy within Thailand and runs the Thai language portal sanook.com. The … Read More

Australian student patents new search method

Move over Google, Yahoo! and MSN Orion is coming. Australian PhD student, Ori Allon has patented a new way of searching the web and this new method could dramatically change how search results are provided. Got to love Australian ingenuity.