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3 tips for mobile marketing in China

This blog post was updated on 21 July 2021. China has the largest online population in the world, which makes it very interesting to businesses wanting to expand internationally. If you want to crack the Chinese market, you have to … Read More


Mobile SEO on Google, Yandex and Baidu

The online world is increasingly mobile. The number of mobile searches now surpasses the number of desktop searches and this gap is widening all the time. In fact, in many countries, mobile is the most common device that people use … Read More


Mobile Payments: What Options Are Out There?

Mobile payments are getting more and more popular worldwide, and it is vital for businesses to offer mobile payment options when it comes to their international strategy. Mobile payments are transactions made or received on a mobile device, and there … Read More

App stores in China

App stores in China: Google and Apple who?

An introduction to the Chinese smartphone and OS landscape China has a relatively complex app store landscape that is very different to what we are familiar with in the West, but the rewards are big for app developers who can … Read More

How To Increase App Downloads Worldwide

How to increase app downloads worldwide

With the undisputable whirlwind of smart-device adoption sweeping the globe, it is perhaps unsurprising that increasing app downloads (and revenues) are the knock-on effect. According to recent estimates by Gartner, global app downloads will increase by 37% in 2014 to … Read More

Apple Budget iPhone

iPhone 5C: Priced too high for emerging markets?

The day finally arrived… and the mounting speculation and leaked pictures about Apple’s launch of a “budget” iPhone proved true: the lower-end iPhone 5C is here and will be available in various colourful designs. Pundits have argued that Apple have … Read More