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Motoko Hunt

Motoko Hunt manages the SEO for all of Adobe's properties in Japan and the APAC region. Prior to joining Adobe, Motoko established AJPR in 1998; she has been providing search marketing consulting services targeting Japan and Asia to companies around the world. Her services have made a big impact on the search marketing campaigns of some of the world's most popular multi-national brands. A number of her articles have been published on industry websites and printed media including MultiLingual Computing and the International Journal of Localisation. She also writes about the Japanese online market on her blog at AJPR and contributes to several online magazines in Japan and Asia. She served as a member of the board of directors of SEMPO in 2010-2012, and is a chairperson of the SEMPO Asia-Pacific Committee.

Japan's mobile goo search becomes more powerful

NTT Resonant announced it’s plan to strengthen its mobile search engine, “mobile goo”. With this improved mobile search engine, the user can search more than 62,000 songs from the database, and more than 7 million videos from YouTube and other … Read More

MS's Soapbox opens in Japan

Microsoft’s video sharing site, Soapbox, officially opened in Japan on March 12th. It’s a mirror image of English site, even to the sub-categories, which means that not many Japanese videos are available, yet. In Japan, YouTube is very popular and … Read More

Japan's mixi goes to China

Japan’s biggest SNS site, mixi, announced its plan to establish a subsidiary in Shanghai, China by May of this year. The detail of its services have not been disclosed. Currently, mixi has 17mil registered users. You need an invitation from … Read More

Japan's top shopping site "Rakuten" goes to Europe

One of Japan’s top shopping sites, “Rakuten” announced its plan to expand the business in Europe. Their first European office is scheduled to open in Luxembourg in March. They will provide the market place model shopping mall services, and businesses … Read More

30's Women – top mobile shoppers in Japan

ImpressR&D’s recent survey shows interesting results about mobile commerce in Japan. The most interesting information is that 15% of women in 30’s said that they conducted all of the online shopping from their mobile phone. [Top mobile shoppers] – All … Read More

People search engine "SBI Business" open in Japan

SBI Robo’s social graph engine, SBI Business, is opened for business. When you search for someone’s name, it gives you the search results from search engines (MSN, Google and Yahoo), web and Wikipedia, official profile of the person, and social … Read More

Japan's SEO market grew 25% in 2007

According to Aun Consulting’s report, SEO market had 9960 mil yen sales in 2007 (25% up from 7970 mil yen in 2006). 5710 mil yen: “In-House” SEO marketing 2600 mil yen: Out-sourced SEO marketing 1650 mil yen: Tool, etc. They … Read More

Japan's top manufactures go global on Internet

Export-Japan’s latest survey results show that more than 70% of Japanese top manufactures have English web site in addition to Japanese site. 1,684 top manufactures in Japan responded to the survey. Honda offers the most language sites (36 languages) followed … Read More

DeNA to introduce Overture Japan ads to Mbga.jp

Overture Japan and DeNA have agreed to introduce Overture’s paid ads to one of the largest Mobile gaming and SNS services in Japan, Mobaga Town (www.mbga.jp). The sponsored search mobile’s ads appear on “moba search”, and the content match mobile’s … Read More

Banner ads had -6.2% in Japan

According to Net Ratings’ “Ad Relevance” report, the banner advertising on web had 6.2% decrease in August from July. The decrease was not just in the amount of money spent on the advertising, but also the number of advertisers (-4.1%), … Read More

Second Life, not so big in Japan… yet

Japan.Internet.com and goo Research announced the results of their survey about the Second Life in Japan. The survey was conducted against 1087 Internet users in Japan. While Second Life has been receiving many media attentions, it seems that not many … Read More

Japanese spend more time at Nicovideo.jp than at YouTube

NetRatings announced the results of its “August Internet Usage” report. According to the report, NicoNicoDouga (nicovideo.jp) gained the total usage minutes by 52%, and had higher “average use time” and “average number of visits” per person than that of YouTube … Read More